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Bathrobe Spiritual

Intensive Love Full Reading & Manifestation Ritual 8 Decks ~ 30-40 minute recorded video

Intensive Love Full Reading & Manifestation Ritual 8 Decks ~ 30-40 minute recorded video

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IG/TikTok: @bathrobespiritual

What kind of relationship is this? What should you know that's coming to you? What does your SP feel and what do you do?


This will be emailed to you within 1-3 days. Please check all folders in your email if you don’t receive by then.

What's included?

  • 8-Deck Tarot & Oracle Reading for your situation (write in description) organic recorded video w/ face
  • Intensive Love and Self Love Advice from Spirit
  • Totem Animal & Shamanic Guidance
  • Manifestation on my end with smoke and crystals
  • What to expect in the near future
  • Tons of oracle advice from 8-10 of my oracle decks to stay in alignment with your HIGHEST timeline of love, compassion, and gratitude
  • 100% Accuracy Rate
  • Free Meditation Resources that have proven to help transform your timeline
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How long does a recorded reading take to send?

I email recorded readings in addition to a special list of meditations I personally use and recommend for your situation from 1-4 days. Trust in divine timing!

How is your content accurate?

I am sober, spiritually awoken, reiki attuned, and channel energy from spirit! This means that I don’t allow for any negative entities through alcohol, marijuana, or hard drugs to deter my connection with spirit. I am protected from negative energy and smoke cleanse each reading. My third eye and crown chakras allow me to perceive visions and channel universal energy to convey authentic messages about what you need to hear for your highest good.

I also have transitioned from the corporate world by changing how I manifest money, relationships, friendships, and travel. I am a double mission light worker, meaning I have personal success in learning manifestation concepts and integrating multi-dimensional healing in a balanced, abundant life. My mission is spreading knowledge of unlearning what we’ve been taught to believe in our modern world to bring forth the true love, inspiration, and compassion into our lives. I believe every one of us deserves abundance, divine union, and the chance to live out our unique purposes.

Here's a list of decks and products I love :)

I've always felt drawn to crystals, mythology, stars, incense, and spirituality since I was a little kid.  I never knew what it all meant as I grew up, and I was pulled away from it with karmic ties to my social conditioning, people, and environment.  The real me was forgotten for a little while until the universe gave me a rebirth in sobriety.

I channel only energy of love and light: Angels, Archangels, Mystical Beings, Faeries, Star Beings, & your Ascendants/Ancestors.

Check my story here

When I entered this phase of my life, I couldn't understand that my coping mechanisms were the wrong way to bring myself to a state of "love" and "light".  I learned the difference between the the need to stay clean and the desire to live clean.  Many programs did not resonate with my thinking because at heart, I was called upon to do something bigger.  I was given a huge vision one night from the cosmos about the meaning of unconditional love and light, and the next day, I naturally gravitated to a crystal store where I found my favorite deck "Tarot of Dreams" and oracle decks.  I explored the art of tarot and oracle readings and naturally was able to understand myself, people around me, and what my higher self meant.  At the same time, I found meaningful meditations surrounding manifestation, where I learned lessons about mindset and how it's all connected. 

After learning through tarot, oracle, and manifestation that it's very possible to live a sober, spiritual life build around meditation and love, I found a community of like-minded people online and my higher purpose. I strive to help others like you searching for meaning in life, love, and ascension.

Though there is no absolute guarantee, we are both manifesting subconsciously through a channeled reading for your highest good. Whether you choose to act on it may change the timeline as well, which is so exciting!

If you want my 21-day Highest Self course that I personally created from my experiences in the past two years, click here

What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle?

Tarot cards are telling more of a story and details about a situation between the lines. How each phase of energy is connected to another and leads to an outcome. It’s the reading into what you see about your situation and how to understand whether you are aligned with your current timeline; it’s a reflection. I read tarot cards upright and reverse to channel specific advice, interpret what beliefs and energies hold you back, and what you can get excited about that you can’t see just yet!

Oracle cards are specific advice your Spirit team and angels want you to know in order to best be aware and proceed in your journey. This shows me specific things to expect and specific affirmations and advice to follow regarding the whole chapter of the story, while tarot is more of the details in the pages. Oracle cards also show advice for your highest good, while tarot shows the reflection of the timeline you’re currently on - a tarot reading is moment to moment and can change 10 minutes after a meditation or shift while Oracle may stay the same! That’s why I believe both are critical for showing both the timeline you’re on and what specific advice you can receive moving forward!

What do you recommend as a follow-up?

I recommend you rewatch the reading or email me after a live reading after 1 week. See what changed and reflect each new moon! When you feel like you’ve reached halfway the point we mentioned or something happened I said would happen, it’s important to follow up in another reading to see what track you’re on. Many times, when we receive what we ask for or even don’t receive it, at first we might get in our heads and try to sabotage it. Having an outside perspective help stabilize your luck and abundance mindset is something clients never regret!

I always recommend live readings for this! I also offer a discounted live coaching package if you'd like personal weekly activations, breathwork, and guidance via zoom!