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Bathrobe Spiritual

Tarot + Smoke/Crystal Cleanse ~ 15 Minute Recorded Video

Tarot + Smoke/Crystal Cleanse ~ 15 Minute Recorded Video

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What do you desire in your life and need to know about your timeline? My spiritual connection allows me to tell you exactly what is happening and what to expect in any situation and how you can live from your divine power and also manifest your desires into reality!  Enter Situation Below. Love and Light :)

What's included?

  • Tarot Overview for your current timeline in a situation (write in description) recorded video
  • Channeled Advice from Spirit & Your Spirit Team
  • Manifestation on my end with smoke and crystals
  • What to expect in the near future
  • Free Meditation Resources proven to shift your energy into your timeline
  • 100% Accuracy Rate :)
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