Happily Sober:

Becoming Your Highest Self

You don't need to be sober, just a willingness to leave the old patterns behind!

I've been there too...

I went from rock bottom to learning the key

from needing to wanting to live a happy life. How to STAY on the "pink cloud".

No cravings, shame, guilt, fear, hangovers, blaming others.

I learned how to be able to go out and meet people, while protecting my energy. I learned how to pursue my dreams and not other people's cookie cutter version of me after being caught up at a job that I hated.

I healed resentments and my family relationships. I learned these voices are not my own.

I found ways to have fun after healing my inner child by simply being high on life!

What's Included?

🌟 Learning how to ACTUALLY have fun sober! Get high on life, no more nonsense. You deserve it!

🌟 Activate your inner psychic and open your chakras to restore harmony in your inner worlds and perspectives

🌟 A 21-day program on my site that gives you a DAILY routine with deep insight into your shadows about how to BREAK FREE of your limitations and situations

🌟 Weekly hypnotic meditations to be completed daily that allow YOU to explore the deepest parts of yourself to experience breakthroughs and chakra activations

🌟 Optional Instagram community of people in the collective who can be your soul family! We just did a ceremony together on Zoom :)

🌟 Weekly worksheets and morning routine planner that help guide you in your reflections, meditations, and balance

  • WEEK 1



    ☼ Shifting Daily Morning Prayer

    ☼ Morning Check-In Planner

    ☼ Day 1-7: Detachment and Inner Love Meditation

    ☼ Don't Run Away, Run Through!

    ☼ Self Care Guide

  • Week 2



    ☾ What is "The Need"?

    ☾ The "Loop" of 3D Patterns + Limiting beliefs

    ☾ Shifting NEED to WANT: The Illusion of Happiness

    ☾ Higher self integration exercise

  • Week 3



    ✩ Introduction to your Inner Psychic

    ✩ Introduction to your Chakras and Third Eye

    ✩ Reiki Infused Cosmos Chakra Meditation

It’s normal to need help in a new routine!

One key part to this course is reprogramming the subconscious mind right when the veil is thin upon waking up or going to sleep. This can be a routine outline! Other worksheets go into depth about shifting the story and thought patterns.

Meditation Sample


Join me and others on this incredible journey to true love, happiness, and ascension!

You have unlimited access to this course and group!

Request to Join the Instagram Group (optional)

Make an account when you open the email link to the course! You're here for a reason :)

Click on the "My Course" tab in my site menu to access the course and local site community when you purchase

I'm Ready, Let's Do This!

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Happily Sober: Becoming Your Highest Self Online Course (Self-Paced)

Happily Sober: Becoming Your Highest Self Online Course (Self-Paced)

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Ann M
Ann M.

I have learned a lot about myself, healing my past traumas, learned how to meditate, and most importantly, how to love myself. You are such an inspiration to me. I am so glad we are connected.❤️. Thank you so much.☺️ Much love❤️💕

Jade Rushton
It’s the best thing I ever done.

Not only has it improved myself spiritually, emotionally & physically. It’s also been amazing for mine & my daughters relationship. All my time, energy & focus goes on her. I’ve been able to see clearly & remove all toxic people from our lives & we’ve never been happier or more at peace 🙏🏻


Thank you very much for all the tools given through the course, I find them useful for the daily basis. I hope to feel more joyful sober.
I love the way you explain everything and how knowledgeable you are.