I lost 30 lbs with this.

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Have you tried everything? Tiktok and trend diets, workouts, etc. and find it difficult to eat healthy and get to the gym? Or do you find yourself eating or not eating emotionally? Or have bursts of motivation then start dragging yourself to the gym? I've been there and found the solution that actually works for both motivation, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle! And you get to eat TONS OF CARBS and chocolate.

My guide includes a 28 day transformational workout routine, a few of my favorite self-taught delicious recipes, dietary approach, playlists, and how I approach the gym. It only takes 28 days to form a new habit or lose an old one! You can add your own recipes and additional classes and routines to this method! Check out awesome EDM and motivational playlists on SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.

For meditations, self-healing, integration of inner child healing, and opening up your chakras, check out my Higher Self Course to help replace old habits and limiting beliefs with genuine joy and gratitude!

Disclaimer: This is simply my personal routine and guide! Please consult with a trainer or a nutritionist if any concerns or questions. Adjust to your lifestyle and dietary/fitness needs! :)

You get to be spiritual...and snatched too!

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