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I've always felt drawn to crystals, mythology, stars, incense, and spirituality since I was a little kid.  I never knew what it all meant as I grew up, and I was pulled away from it with karmic ties to my social conditioning, people, and environment.  The real me was forgotten for a little while until the universe gave me a rebirth in sobriety.

I channel only energy of love and light: Angels, Archangels, Mystical Beings, Faeries, Star Beings, & your Ascendants/Ancestors.

Here's my story:

When I entered this phase of my life, I couldn't understand that my coping mechanisms were the wrong way to bring myself to a state of "love" and "light".  I learned the difference between the the need to stay clean and the desire to live clean.  Many programs did not resonate with my thinking because at heart, I was called upon to do something bigger.  I was given a huge vision one night from the cosmos about the meaning of unconditional love and light, and the next day, I naturally gravitated to a crystal store where I found my favorite deck "Tarot of Dreams" and oracle decks.  I explored the art of tarot and oracle readings and naturally was able to understand myself, people around me, and what my higher self meant.  At the same time, I found meaningful meditations surrounding manifestation, where I learned lessons about mindset and how it's all connected. 

After learning through tarot, oracle, and manifestation that it's very possible to live a sober, spiritual life build around meditation and love, I found a community of like-minded people online and my higher purpose. I strive to help others like you searching for meaning in life, love, and ascension.

If you want my 21-day Highest Self course that I personally created from my experiences in the past two years: click below!

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