Personal Life Coaching

Amie (Bathrobe spiritual)

I approach life coaching as therapy...

but with someone who can personally relate, channels your spirit guides to deliver messages, and helps you integrate what you learn in your everyday life!

  • Smoke + Crystal Clearing

    We begin each session with a smoke cleanse with homemade cypress and sage, palo santo, or ethically sourced white sage. I use any crystals through guided breaths and calling all guides to clear. I may also use reiki, and light language to open up any blockages.

  • Channeled Readings

    I channel and pull tarot and oracle cards to reflect all the details of your situation and specific advice from your guides on how you can approach this information and align with your highest good. This is helpful to live each week intentionally.

  • Transformational Breathwork

    From a Merkabah Breathwork Ceremony to a Holotropic Breathwork Ceremony, me and your angels can help guide you deeper into deep release and quantum leaping through your intentions in a dedicated session.

I understand.

Everyone's path is different and there are so many graceful ways to heal.

We tend to shut down and isolate because we were trained that others cannot be trusted with our emotions and experiences.

I'm here to tell you that you are not alone; I've been there! Relationships, quitting my job in the music industry, sober living, learning how to choose yourself and be happy... I totally understand!

There is more than enough abundance and love to go around in this world. You deserve to be the best version of YOU and experience JOY!

Trust me, I've done it all. Therapy, psychologists, sober living, rehab...

But nothing makes me happier than the connection I have with life today with readings and practices I discovered.

So how can we integrate this into a flow for you? How can we be sure that this all happens as it should?

  • Weekly Spiritual Guidance

    We'll dive into all the details of your situation and specific advice on how you can approach this information and align with your highest good in a safe space - with smoke cleanses and crystals with intentional manifestation on my end consistently!

  • Meditation & Awareness

    Through conscious awareness of our thought patterns, we are able to practice thinking as the higher self getting comfortable in this state of being. With love and intention, I'll continuously help align you with the version of you that has your desires in any situation.

  • Consistency & Accountability

    It takes 28 days to engrain a new habit into the subconscious, and not everyone can do it instantly! It takes time and patience. I'll help you develop a relationship with your spirit team and unpack previous lifetime and current lifetime beliefs and patterns that can be shifted. You will also receive worksheets!

Instead of only revealing what you're currently going through in a traditional tarot reading, we are also connecting to your spirit team & angels on what illusions are keeping you held back and reframing your thoughts to shift you into your dream life.

Life is a book that YOU write with the universe guiding you, and the universe publishes and prints it into your reality. Up to this point, you have been on autopilot and now you are taking the lead. Whether it's sobriety, money, twin flame journey, spirituality, higher purpose, etc. I'm able to help!

Through personal life coaching and therapy, I am able to work with you through Zoom weekly to dig out the details of what could be holding you back in this lifetime through my connection with your spirit guides, archangels, and my spirit team.

I'll prescribe meditations I've personally used to help shift your mindset. One reading isn't always enough to shift your timeline to one that serves your highest good unless you're consistently meditating, evaluating, and integrating what is being told. The ego has a natural resistance to change, and it can be difficult to fully embrace this new timeline as something meant for you!  I can also help you develop your abilities to connect to your spirit team and merge with your higher self to bring forth the embodiment of your desires to reflect in the reality in front of you.

Weekly Live Sessions on Zoom

I will personally email my Google Calendar for you to book sessions each week and we'll get into your situation on our first call :)

Contact me if you have any questions