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Weekly LIVE Online Manifestation Coaching Package (Zoom)

Weekly LIVE Online Manifestation Coaching Package (Zoom)

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You will be emailed my personal calendar to book 1-hour appointments each week :)

This is similar to therapy...but BETTER and much more FUN! It takes practice to integrate this abundance mindset you feel called to open up to. Therapy alone may not be for everyone because we are meant to run towards our dream life after healing the past. Sessions can ALSO be dedicated to energy portal activation readings if you feel called :)

Want to know more about your Past Life Karma? Twin Flame/Soulmate? Career? Higher purpose? Soul origins? Spiritual Gifts?

A face-to-face connection is helpful when exploring the depths of our spirituality with many questions about our path. Think of this as a safe space to get everything out there, I’m here for you and understand!

  • I start with connecting with your soul and grounding with listening to any initial guidance and a smoke cleanse
  • I then explain detail with what spirit and your spirit team wants to tell you
  • I read deeper into your personal thought forms and pick up more on specifics in your situation to also discuss how each message applies and can be integrated into your life.
  • I select cards from all my decks based on what your session calls for to help you reframe thoughts to align you on your path to your highest good.
  • Light language and Reiki where any blockages appear ~ if your guides call for it or upon request!

We’ll shift subconscious patterns through energy reading and healing, help identify your soul purpose and direction, channel your spirit guides to deliver messages, and guide you to integrate what you learn in your everyday life!

4 Sessions Total (1 per Week), cancel your monthly subscription anytime or book one month to dip your toes! 

I also email you post session to provide meditations and resources. You’re always welcome to email me updates and questions about the reading! If you reschedule on your behalf more than twice, I will not allow more than that! If you No-Show, you will not receive a refund. Please understand if you no-show, you are taking up time that may be meant for someone else!

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