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LIVE Breathwork Release Ceremony (Zoom 1 Hour)

LIVE Breathwork Release Ceremony (Zoom 1 Hour)

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I will email you my Calendar to book your Personal Breathwork Release Ceremony the same week and an introduction with instructions 🌻💗🪶

Holotropic Breathwork is the framework for rebirth through a simple breath technique, setting an intention, and staying open to releasing all that holds you back emotionally and spiritually from moving forward.

The first thing we do and last thing we do in this lifetime is taking a breath, and breathwork is so powerful it may even release minimal amounts of DMT in the brain to connect us to parts of our souls we wouldn't in our daily lives. This is a safe space to emotionally release and find deep clarity about next steps. This is an ultimate embodiment practice of your highest good.

What you receive:

    • Smoke Cleanse, Deep Breaths, and Prayer to begin
    • Body movement to ground
    • Meditate on your intention
    • Introduction to the technique and any info
    • Breathwork Ceremony Guided sounds with my instruments and music in the background
    • Emotional support for Integration

I also email you post session. If you'd like to dive deeper into integration from your guides on next steps, we can do another session for deeper embodiment.


Please check your Spam/Junk mail for the link if you don't receive a confirmation with the Zoom link. If you no-show, you will not receive a refund. I'm happy to reschedule upon request!

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